Token Allocation

Team allocates tokens fairly. to drive business growth together with our partners
We offer tokens for a limited time for our project and can actually use tokens in our business whoever is interested in our tokens can purchase them from the exchange page and the rest of the tokens allocated will be given a fair trial by the team to drive business growth with our partner’s central exchange systems.
We deem business partners to be an essential part of helping us grow. For this reason, our team will update the partners and community instantly when we have important news about the project and further information.
👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Community : 5%
Team : 30%
📢 Marketing : 10%
Token Lock : 15%
🩸 Burn : 30 %
💎 Liquidity Pool : 10%


BitSmile token has allocated 30% of the total tokens to be allocated to the entire project management team, such as management team, R&D team, system development team, etc.


BitSmile token has allocated 30% of the total tokens for burning to reduce the total number of tokens in the system.

Liquidity Pools

BitSmile token has allocated 10% of the total tokens to be used for increasing liquidity in the exchange pool.


We use tokens in our ecosystem of project and to distribute them in the system to ensure the stability of the project.


We use 10% of tokens in our marketing system to grow our projects such as advertising in various media. and marketing through various social networks around the world
10% of revenue will be deducted for donations made through charitable foundations. to create a green world